Did you miss Aras Virtual?

ACE 2020 may not have been what we originally planned but, when it became clear that having the in-person event we had planned, we shifted our efforts and went virtual. And, even if you weren’t able to join us for the live sessions, you still have a chance to see them on-demand. But, first, let’s take a quick look back at some of the highlights.

First up was a three-part webinar series, ”The Digital Thread in Action,” illustrating how the Aras PLM Platform is used to create Digital Twins and connect a digital thread that can improve service, engineering change, and next-generation design. These sessions featured business use cases along with software demonstrations featuring how the Digital Thread can be used across the lifecycle as well as showcasing how the Aras community is solving problems by realizing the vision of a single integrated Digital Thread to Own the Lifecycle—from systems design, to engineering and manufacturing processes, to maintenance and operation.

Some of the series highlights include:

Session One: The Digital Twin in Maintenance and Service

  • See a Digital Twin configuration built and demonstrated in real-time.
  • Learn how a Digital Twin can be used in maintenance in order to improve maintenance effectiveness, helping to mitigate failure and perform required tasks in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Discover how a Digital Twin connects you to critical information to continue and improve processes across the product’s lifecycle and create opportunities to support new business models, respond to quality issues, and influence next generation product development.
  • Explore how to achieve value and see what’s coming next for Aras Innovator and related applications

Session Two: Engineering Change in a Connected World

  • Discover the possibilities of connected information and how to use it to address products’ unforeseen problems in the field.
  • Learn why a Digital Thread is critical to weaving together every point of information in order for it to become real knowledge and how it provides a map to quality and engineering departments. that can be used to identify, analyze, understand, and confront emergent issues and unknowns as an asset operates in the field― ultimately, improving customer satisfaction.
  • See how Aras applications advance design and production for companies by incorporating real-time field feedback, operational data, simulation, and multidisciplinary change management.

Session 3: Systems Thinking and Digital Transformation

  • Explore the principles of Systems Thinking―a holistic design approach to analyzing and understanding a system’s elements behave in context and over time.
  • Learn how leveraging systems architecture, requirements engineering, and multi-fidelity simulation capabilities can help our community advance their products in new and innovative ways.
  • See how it can work―using the Aras platform to walk through a design scenario that combines elements of System Thinking, existing product definitions, and field experience to identify new business opportunities and product strategies.

Our second three-part series, “The Build with Aras Experience,” we explore how the high demand for new application development has surpassed the availability of qualified resources to meet the need―leading many companies to look for flexible, low-code development platforms to provide an alternative to traditional development strategies. These sessions walk you through application development from the ground up using Aras’ low-code development platform.

Highlights of this series include:

Session 1: Rapid Prototyping Your First Application Iteration

  • See the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Application to Manage a Design Review Meeting using Aras Innovator.
  • See specific examples of how organizations have leveraged Aras Innovator to create new functionality and met the needs of their users.
  • Experience the rapid development environment as the team constructs an application using Aras Innovator.

Session 2: Experiment, Pivot and Fulfill Your Vision

  • See the continuation of session 1 and the highlighting of more customer solutions as building out of a custom application progresses.
  • Using the MVP (minimum viable product created in Session 1), you’ll see how to respond to user feedback and learn how that feedback can then be used to drive incremental value from the application.
  • Learn how to add data visualization and the ability to add user feedback to the MVP. 

Session 3: Expand Your Vision and Leverage the Aras Community

  • Building upon the previous two sessions, see additional improvements being added to the newly built application
  • See how an Aras Community Project is utilized to expand the scope of the new application
  • Discover more about how you can join the Aras community in leveraging Aras’ industrial low-code platform and platform services to develop their own innovative solutions

These are just a few of the things you will learn in these sessions. Watch one or watch them all (we certainly hope it’s the latter)―on your own schedule, whenever it’s convenient for you. We hope you discover lots of useful information and tools you can use to help your organization’s digital transformation.