Community Spotlight: View Card Editor for Graph Navigation

Did you catch the latest Aras Demo Series webinar on Graph Navigation? Or read our recent blog posts on Getting Started with Graph Navigation and Customizing Aras Graph Navigation Views? If you haven't, I highly recommend checking them out. If you have, you're probably excited to start using graph views in your Aras Innovator environments. I know I was when I first saw a demo!

In addition to these resources, we've also released an Aras Community Project that makes it even quicker and easier to take advantage of the Graph Navigation platform feature. The View Card Editor project on the Aras Labs GitHub page provides a user-friendly editing experience with helpful features like a Quick Start Template, Content Editor, and Embedded Graph Preview. Download the project today to try these features in your environment.

Project Features

Quick Start Template

The View Card Editor helps you get started with Graph Navigation in a snap. Just create a new View Card and the editor will pre-populate some basic settings to help you get started quickly. This Quick Start template provides a solid starting point that can be easily customized using the style tabs and Content Editor feature.

Here's the Quick Start template in action:

Content Editor

The View Card Editor provides a WYSIWYG GUI for editing the table layout, content binding, and content styles for the View Card. Using the Node Content and Content Style tabs, you can configure exactly what your node content looks like without editing any JSON. Check out this demo to see how we can turn the Quick Start template node into a custom node with a unique style and content display in just a few minutes.

Embedded Graph Preview

Now that you've quickly spun up a new View Card and tweaked the content and style, you want to see how it looks in a graph view, right? Well the View Card Editor also includes an embedded preview so you can see your changes in a live graph view without leaving the View Card form. Just select a Graph View Definition that uses the current View Card and a root item to display.

Future Features

If you have any features or improvements you'd like to see in future releases of the View Card Editor project, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below or file an enhancement request in the project's Issues tab on GitHub. And as always, we also welcome contributions to the project via pull request.

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