A&D PLM Action Group Initiates EBOM / MBOM Benchmark

A&D PLM Action Group Initiates EBOM / MBOM Benchmark

As many may know, the aerospace industry’s leading OEMs - Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, GE Aviation, Gulfstream, Rolls-Royce, SAFRAN - have banded together to force the top PLM vendors to take “action” on persistent product/process deficiencies.

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Well, recently the A&D PLM Action Group moved beyond writing position papers and asking the vendors questions (more on this later) and began pushing for actual software scenario demos.

The industry’s strategic PLM providers were invited - Dassault, Siemens, PTC and Aras - to show how each solution can address the real world use case complexity of transforming Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM) into Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM)… with engineering changes, manufacturing changes, etc, etc, etc.

We’re / Aras is participating and will be sharing details as we go.  We believe our low-code platform flexibility gives us an unfair advantage especially for the most complicated BOM transformation processes.

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If this topic is interesting to you, you may also want hear how GE Aviation is doing EBOM/MBOM with Aras.

Stay tuned, more to come…