Writing a Command Line Tool for Aras

More and more customers want to operate their own DevOps processes, and whenever you do recurrent data migration tasks it’s handy to have easy access to the SOAP/web service interface to send AML. Today we have our own interface embedded in Aras which is Nash. It allows you to run AML queries via a web interface but it doesn’t allow you to easily automate this. For a better user interface (with auto-completion) you can use AML Studio (replaced by Innovator Admin) built by our very prolific contributor, Eric Domke. But once again, this can’t be automated.

For automation, it usually comes down to creating a Command Line Interface as an .exe which can be executed with a Nant/Ant script. This is why after a few requests I started creating a quick Command Line Interface sample project to exchange AML with the Aras server. This project was inspired by a similar (but more advanced) tool built by Minerva.

Today it allows you to send the AML content of a file. You execute the exe with the following arguments to connect to the right Aras Instance :

  • URL of the Aras Instance
  • Database name of the Aras Instance
  • Username
  • Password
  • Filepath of the file containing the AML you want to send.

It has now its own Github project, so feel free to fork it, or just suggest additional features.


If you are at ACE 2018 when you read this, feel free to come to the Aras Labs Booth to get a demo of this CLI tool or any other tool you heard of us developing! Enjoy Indianapolis!

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