Technology Highlight: Onshape Connector for Aras Innovator

Aras partner AMC Bridge has created a proof of concept (POC) connector to integrate the Onshape cloud-based CAD platform to the Aras PLM Platform.  Onshape is a full-cloud 3D CAD system that is built to democratize CAD.  It empowers everyone on a design team to work together using any web browser, phone, or tablet.

This connector is a great example of Aras’ Open Architecture that allows anyone to create new capabilities that extend and customize our technology, no licenses needed.  In this case, the team at AMC have added a connection to one of the hot new CAD technologies bringing together the leading disruptors in the PLM and CAD markets.

The Onshape Connector adds another option to our CAD Integration capability.  It allows users to utilize Onshape’s fast and lightweight CAD modeling capability with Aras Innovator’s world-class Configuration Management and Visual Collaboration features. This is done via a custom application that resides in Onshape that communicates with Aras Innovator. The communication with Aras Innovator is performed through our open interface, data model, and API.

Here are some of the use cases of the connector project that are key to PLM and CAD users:

  • Part registration – The document hierarchy is registered in Aras Innovator creating new part items with part numbers and BOM structure
  • CAD model storage – The Onshape application sends the binary geometry (Parasolid or STL) to Aras Innovator to create the matching CAD Document Items and support integrated visualization
  • Visual Collaboration – Full support for 3D visualization, commenting, and markup with Aras Visual Collaboration
  • Configuration Management – The parts and CAD documents have full workflow and lifecycle support, and can be put into release and/or change workflows like any other Aras items.

Check out AMC’s video of the integration:


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