Looking Back at ACE 2016 – Summaries, slides & more

The ACE 2016 global series took off last week in Detroit, MI – Aras PLM enthusiast from all over the globe came together to make the event the biggest and best ACE conference yet!  The energy at the conference was fantastic.  You could feel it throughout every general session user presentation, break out session, reception and most of all during our exciting networking breaks.

The theme of the conference was Innovation without Limitation and sessions were designed to encourage interaction, networking and collaboration between attendees, giving them the opportunity to find out how others are approaching complex PLM challenges, get ideas and learn more about PLM and Aras.

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General Session Presentations included:

Aras Keynote – Peter Schroer, Found & CEO, Aras

Aras Founder & CEO, Peter Schroer, kicked off the three day event with an inspiring keynote tying into the conference theme Innovation without Limitation.  He noted, “We’re all products companies here in this room – the challenge is not so much what products to build, but how to build them.”

He then shared his insights on the current state of PLM and described how Aras is helping many global companies achieve their goals.  The bulk of Peter’s presentation looked at the distinction between “The science of engineering” – managing 3D CAD, mechanical development, and “the business of engineering” – implementing a PLM platform for streamlining and connecting technology, data, processes and information in the face of changing requirements, connected IoT products and rapidly shifting customer demands.

Soaring to New Heights with a PDM Light Backbone – Airbus

Airbus talked about their PLM selection process and how they chose Aras as their PLM backbone.  The needed competence, supply chain and infrastructure the company needed is now fully set-up and in operation.  The agile and innovative development framework allows Airbus to develop new ideas and keep up with changing demands of their business.


Mission Ready PLM – BAE Systems

BAE Systems gave an exciting and insightful presentation that focused on their evaluation for a PLM platform that would better handle mechanical design, software design, electrical design, systems engineering and more.  With Aras, BAE Systems better manages the extended enterprise, tracks security & export control, manages configuration & change management and more.  BAE Systems stated they are truly “mission ready” with an open and resilient PLM system.

ace-2016-microsoft-iotThe Impact of IoT on Product Design – Microsoft

Microsoft explained that the pace of IoT is not slowing down.  The true power of connected products is driving that data back into the product lifecycle.  From performance analysis, to predictive maintenance, to next generation designs, IoT data can be a true differentiator.  The Microsoft and Aras partnership is unique in the industry with the singular capability to deploy an enterprise class PLM platform paired with a full IoT suite to enable a firm’s product development needs.

E-commerce Needs Innovator Product Information; A Challenge for Manufacturers – Mersen

Mersen discussed their path from numerous separated data repositories to a single Aras Innovator instance to manage all PLM and PIM duties.  They shared their PLM evaluation results that highlighted Aras’ ability to meet or exceed all of their requirements, as well as, be the clear leader in cost effectiveness.  Aras has allowed Mersen to manage a single source of data that is shared to all of their enterprise systems as well as their customers.

ace-2016-airbus-alm-plmNew Approaches to ALM/PLM Cross-Discipline Product Development – Airbus, IBM & Aras

As design and development get more complicated with each new product, the growth in complexity is creating new product development challenges, especially for aerospace companies like Airbus. Highly collaborative cross discipline engineering processes have never been more important to the successful development of next generation aircraft.  This session described how Airbus, IBM and Aras are working together towards a unified ALM-PLM approach for systems engineering in product development using OASIS Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).  The results achieved so far and a roadmap for future collaboration were presented.

Implementing PLM in the Fast-Paced, Innovation Driven Prepared Foods Industry – Valley Fine Foods

Valley Fine Foods shared best practices on implanting PLM in the fast-paces prepared foods industry.  They focused on the new product launch process, demonstrating how information is now standardized in one place, with a business-process focused workflow that streamlines R&D, Operations and more.  Valley Fine Foods better tracks raw materials, and gained a “single source of truth” for the entire food processing operation.

ace-2016-akrapovic-presentationRacing for the Flexibility, Integrating Aras into the IT Landscape – Akrapovic

Akrapovic shared that the company’s PLM goal is to automate processes and improve visibility into design and manufacturing operations company-wide – moving away from disjointed silos of systems and information.  Akrapovic’s implementation of Aras includes PDM, CAD integration, cost calculation, product/project approval, project management, change management and quality management.

The PLM Journey of Justifying Change with Strategic Vision – Parata Systems

Parata Systems, a medical equipment manufacturer, gave an overview of their strategic vision of PLM.  Parata’s selection process put value on open processes, standard database structures and highly configurable applications that will help the company grow and handle increased product complexity and machine-connected quality data.

Architecting a Design & Development Test Request System in Aras – Carlisle Brake and Friction

Global automotive supplier, Carlisle Break and Friction, walked attendees through their implementation of Aras Innovator, which helped them unify data from multiple systems once spread across the organization.  They streamlined ISO/TS certification, and launched a standardized platform for global-wide R&D test management.  His presentation showed how the company better manages iterative design and development, integrating test requests, parts, projects, procedures and more.

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Collaborate & Contribute Awards
We are all about the community here at Aras and each year we like to recognize our amazing community members for their outstanding contributions.  This year’s winners of the Collaborate and Contribute Awards were:

Kawasaki Heavy Industries and ADS – Use case for cost reduction of system implementation & maintenance

Microsoft – Configurable permissions to support external portal

Keirex Technology – Sharepoint 2013 integration including authentication, folder views, and up/download

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for your contributions this year!

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you that participated throughout the conference (presenters, sponsor and attendees) for your continued support through the years and helping make ACE such a great event to be a part of.

I’d like to give a special shout out to our wonderful sponsoring partners – without your support ACE wouldn’t be what it is today!

We hope to see you at our other global ACE events this year including ACE France, ACE Japan and ACE Europe.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and making ACE 2016 the best ACE yet and we look forward to seeing you all next year for ACE 2017!



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