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    Is there a way within Aras Innovator to search for Part Numbers that contain the asterisk character?  I’m not sure how to search for parts containing the asterisk without the system assuming I am using a wildcard in my criteria.  It seems that the results are the same weather “Use Wildcards” is checked or not in the Search drop-down menu.

    On the advice of a colleague I tried these variants, none of which returned any parts containing the asterisk in their part number:

    *\*   and  \*      both return every part (>74k parts)

    *[*]        returned just 20 parts but none containing Asterisk character

    *\[*]      returned the same 20 parts as above

    *[\*]      returned the same 20 parts as above



    If you disable “Use Wildcards”, it is possible to search for an asterisk if you search for the full string containing it. For example, you can find a Part named ‘* test’ if you search for exactly ‘* test’.

    To the best of my knowledge it is not possible to use search for an asterisk using the built-in search modes if you have wildcards enabled.

    Please note that it is possible to search for an asterisk directly through AML if you use the where attribute like the sample below.

    <Item type="Part" action="get" where="[part].item_number like '%*%'"/>

    One thing you could try is to create your own custom search mode. You can find an example of this on the Aras Labs GitHub here. You create an AML query from your user’s input and use the values inside of a where clause like above to allow them to search for asterisks as expected.



    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer



    Thanks Chris,

    I found that regardless of if I have Use Wildcards selected or not it treats the asterisk as a wildkard. For example we have a part in the system with P/N OF622J* if I do a searh for P/N LIKE J* with Use Wildcards disabled it returns all parts starting with J rather than finding parts with a J followed by an asterisk.

    I don’t have access to write AML queries as that is controlled at an administrtive level by our IT folk but maybe that is what we need to do.

    We have a large number of parts that contain an asterisk in their P/N and need a way to identify all of those and only those. I can pull everything then filter but wanted a filtered search.




    for the OF622J* part number searching with Use Wildcards disabled my results are as follows:

    For P/N LIKE any of these three or = to any oth these three I get no results: *662J 662J* 662J

    For P/N LIKE *662J* I get the OF622J* part. That is with Use Wildcards unselected


    Hi Tony,

    The “Use Wildcards” option only applies to Simple Searches. It does not prevent you from using wildcards with the “like” condition inside of an Advanced or AML Search.

    Unfortunately, there is currently not a way to filter a search for an asterisk outside of using the where clause in an AML query. I have filed an enhancement for this functionality to be introduced in a later release of Aras Innovator, but I’m not aware of any way to perform this kind of search OOTB currently.



    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

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