Find Out About Aras’s Azure Certified Cloud PLM Suite

We recently announced the availability of a Microsoft Azure Certified version of Aras Innovator. This is Aras Innovator 10 pre-loaded and ready to use on Azure.  Who benefits? Aras on Azure is ideal for business initiatives that must be up and running quickly, those with short-term / finite durations and programs where eliminating PLM license expenses matters.

Scenarios include new product collaboration with customers and suppliers, joint ventures that require a standalone PLM environment, and projects that fall outside the scope of the existing legacy PLM system. Aras on Azure also offers an easy, cost-effective way to evaluate the Aras Innovator suite.

“Global enterprises need new alternatives for non-traditional PLM scenarios like joint ventures and supply chain collaboration where it’s not an option to use the existing legacy PLM system,” said Peter Schroer, CEO of Aras. “With Microsoft, we’re delivering a complete Cloud PLM offering that can be used for projects and product lines that don’t fit in the conventional PLM box.”

With Aras on Azure companies can provide a secure, full-featured PLM solution in minutes. To learn more and find out how to get started, check out the Azure Marketplace.

Aras on Microsoft Azure

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