Aras ACE 2013 – Highlights

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ACE 2013 was our biggest, most energetic ACE conference ever. It’s always the first event in the annual ACE series of global conferences, and this year we had an outstanding kick off.

It’s really great that so many people from so many countries around the world were able to make it to Michigan this year. There were more than 320 people from 161 companies in 21 countries, we broke all our records for registration, attendance and participation.

Business and technology professionals worldwide came to network, collaborate and learn about best practices with Aras from global product development and requirements management to multi-site manufacturing and PLM across the extended enterprise.

This year’s agenda was packed with global deployment case studies where leading companies shared and discussed how they’ve addressed their most complex challenges with Aras.

On behalf of everyone at Aras, I’d like to personally say “Thank You” to everyone that came and made it our best conference ever. The level of enthusiasm reached a new high which is really great. I’d also like to give special Thanks to the presenters, solution showcase demo’ers and sponsoring partners.

aras-plm-ace-2013-32.png-550x0Peter Schroer’s Keynote

Peter Schroer, Aras CEO & Founder, got things rolling with an impassioned presentation, update and explanation of this year’s ACE theme of, DO MORE.

He pointed to the fact that dynamic conditions around the world are forcing companies to transform and rethink products, processes and systems at an ever increasing pace.

Economic turmoil, aggressive competitors and business innovation are all simultaneously pushing companies to DO MORE. Peter shared how Aras is enabling your business to be proactive. Helping you Do More… with More.

With Aras you’re not limited by a single software provider’s vision or ability to deliver. We’re community driven and that translates into an ever greater ability for you to automate processes across your organization.

  • By providing more solutions, more applications and more capabilities
  • By providing a more scalable, secure and open platform architecture
  • By enabling more collaboration and interaction

You’re able to Do More and achieve greater success… for your company and yourself both personally and professionally.

Peter went on to offer a preview of some of our advancements in multi-CAD management, visualization, mobile and cloud, and was first to announce our release of CAD to 3D PDF conversion embedded in the Aras platform.

He also highlighted the Aras momentum in the marketplace. We’ve had 5 years of record revenues in a row with 70% growth in 2012.

Finally, Peter closed things out by explaining how last year’s theme, BE DIFFERENT, has become our corporate mantra. It was an inspiring way to start the day, and set the tone for the rest of our global ACE conference series.

Download Slides >>> Peter’s Keynote

aras-plm-ace-2013-36.png-550x0Expanding PLM into an Intuitive, Global Impact Analysis Platform

Global high-tech leader, Gentex, delivers high quality electronics products to the automotive, aerospace and fire protection industries, most notably auto-dimming rearview mirrors. As a vertically integrated environment with highly automated electronics, CMOS camera development and manufacturing, vacuum coatings, and glass bending and fabrication they needed product-related information connected across the enterprise.

Asking “What If… Everything was connected?” they proceeded to show live demos of how they have implemented Aras with relationships across parts – parent parts, child parts, sister parts, manufacturer parts – to approved manufactures with supplier locations. All those parts are connected to CAD files, drawings, documents, ECOs, routings, plants/sites, manufacturing processes, production lines, machines, tools, fixtures – and into programs, customers, projects, tasks, DFMEAs, quality issues, and even on-hand inventory.

This of course has greatly improved productivity and traceability throughout the entire company for new product development, component sourcing decisions, quality problem resolution, engineering and supply chain processes.

Their goal is to make PLM processes and product data securely available to whoever needs it when they need it. They’ve rolled out mobile access for smartphones and done a series of special purpose clients for easy access anywhere, anytime.

They have over 600 people logging on weekly. Now, finding and accessing data is much faster & easier for everyone across the company.

Today, they have better visibility and supply chain agility worldwide when responding to quality events, natural disasters, product launches, design changes, process changes and more. PLM is helping them scale their business as they continue to grow.

Download Slides >>> Expanding PLM into an Intuitive, Global Impact Analysis Platform

aras-plm-ace-2013-1.png-550x0Motorola Performs Advanced Project Portfolio Management for Complex Systems

Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical communications technologies are everywhere from our networking infrastructure to our next-generation combat systems.

In Motorola’s presentation they explained the need for portfolio, program and project management as product lines and projects have expanded over the years and system have gotten more & more complex.

Motorola needed a solution that could help them determine what programs to focus on, how to prioritize, track & measure progress to budget and schedule, and how to staff and manage numerous different projects with finite resources. So they turned to Aras.

Today, Aras provides a visibility to program Budget, Funding, Cost Variance and Burn Rate along with Earned Value Management & Analysis (EVM / EVA).

Not only do they know how much costs have been incurred, they know their procurement and A/P activity as well as their labor costs. The ability to closely manage cost performance index (CPI) helps assure program profitability.

They also track Committed Costs based on project progress, and perform Resource Management with resource loading and planning capabilities for shared or pooled resources to assure schedule performance as well (SPI).

They know where are they are on the schedule and what else needs to be done – even when priorities change.

The capabilities in Aras roll-up to the program and portfolio-level giving Motorola visibility and confidence in an unpredictably dynamic business environment.

Download Slides >>> Motorola performs Advanced Project Portfolio Management for Complex Systems

aras-plm-ace-2013-6.png-550x0Korea KOSO Driving Process Innovation through Integrated PLM & Supply Chain Management

Korea KOSO is a global manufacturer of custom control valves and systems that has challenging design & manufacturing requirements. Over the past several years, they have become increasingly driven by large scale contracts and have had greater international collaboration on new business which caused the need for PLM integrated across the supply chain for extended enterprise coordination and process-based innovation.

In developing their business process innovation chain, Korea KOSO restructured its business for seamless integration of sales, engineering, manufacturing, procurement and quality management.

  • Sales Management
    • Sales opportunities and order management linked with specifications and quotations
    • Options & variants management
    • Quotation generation and management
    • Commercial specifications for managing customer requirements and product specs
  • Engineering Management
    • Product configuration data with material information
    • Part & BOM management
    • Characteristics classification
    • CAD Integration
  • Production, Procurement & Quality Management
    • Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP)
    • Production Work Order management
    • Production build progress monitoring
    • Quality Assurance processes & reporting

Download Slides >>> Korea KOSO Driving Process Innovation through Integrated PLM & Supply Chain Management

aras-plm-ace-2013-39.png-550x0SAAB’s Global Product Definition to Serviceability

After Saab was no longer part of General Motors, they needed to replace the GM-owned systems for PLM known as the Global Product Description System (GPDS) and the Service Parts Release (ETS) system.

With detailed knowledge of the GM systems for PLM they determined that a more flexible and extensible solution would be needed to enable the business for the future.

They decided on Aras as the PLM platform. This direction provided a scalable PLM environment that could be easily customized and integrated globally to better support product information across the entire lifecycle with a focus on serviceability.

Saab’s PLM environment requires complex configuration management with numerous dependencies in order to unify the flow of information as they migrate out of the GM PLM environment.

Getting after sales engineering deliverables such as automotive repair technician / mechanic’s methods, fault tracing, Standard Time Mechanical (STM), Labor time guides and Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) into PLM was key.

Saab is performing business analysis and layering functionality on step by step to achieve global configuration management for all aspects of the vehicle system across the lifecycle.

Download Slides >>> SAAB’s Global Product Definition to Serviceability

aras-plm-ace-2013-10.png-550x0Nidec Motor Corporation’s Global PLM Past, Present & Future

Nidec is a global leader in electric motor technology with over $8.5B in sales and 100,000+ employees worldwide. Formerly Emerson Electric, Nidec acquired the company in 2010 for the innovative brushless motor technology and hybrid & electric vehicle capabilities.

Nidec has a PDM/PLM history ranging from prehistoric back in 1982 to today’s next generation PLM technology.

Nidec explained their PLM technology progression and lessons learned over the years from manual and custom developed to Windchill, then Teamcenter and now Aras.

In the presentation, Nidec shares their experience replacing legacy PLM systems with Aras, migrating complex CAD data and a lot more.

In less than 5 months they were able to migrate 215,000 TC item masters representing 290,000 total item revisions and 320,000 files.

Today, Nidec is using Aras for Pro/Engineer WIP management and has vault replication in China. With Aras they’ve automated global processes and enabled manufacturing plants around the world.

Download Slides >>> Nidec Motor Corporation’s Global PLM Past, Present & Future

aras-plm-ace-2013-40.png-550x0Dedicated Computing’s Journey Implementing Aras: Need, Plan, Implement, Success!

Dedicated Computing, a developer of high tech computing solutions, had concluded a few years back that the do-it-yourself approach to PLM in a multi-site operation was not going to continue to work. So, they decided it was time for PLM.

They made a plan, did their homework and selected Aras for a number of reasons, including configurability, workflow capabilities, integrated project management and what they described as “high value / low ownership cost (TCO)”.

Today, Dedicated Computing has 16 business processes implemented on the Aras platform, including engineering project management, pre-production order management, CAPA, customer escalation, qualified supplier, new part creation, change notices and more.

They have better visibility into projects, controlled workflows and processes, and centralization of project and engineering information and activities. They’ve also eliminated 16 different tools, 5 forms and series of spreadsheets and checklists.

In the presentation, they walk you through their problem identification, selection and implementation and shares real-world challenges and tips for success.

Download Slides >>> Dedicated Computing’s Journey Implementing Aras: Need, Plan, Implement, Success!

aras-plm-ace-2013-18.png-550x0CNH Reman Rolls Out PLM

CNH Reman, a joint venture that brings together Case New Holland / CNH Parts & Service with Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, needed better visibility and greater efficiency into its parts remanufacturing environment.

They set out to standardize processes with a single PLM platform and develop a central online dashboard that spanned the enterprise and enabled better capacity planning for greater coordination, productivity and customer service.

In the presentation CNH Reman shares lessons learned from their deployment where they got better user input, real user requirements, and greater user adoption.

CNH Reman PLM Implementation Critical Success Factors:

  • Executive Buy-In
  • Grass Roots Evangelism
  • Use Agile-style Deployment Methodology

Download Slides >>> CNH Reman Rolls Out PLM

aras-plm-ace-2013-33.png-550x0Joe Barkai Presents on The Future of Manufacturing

Despite unprecedented economic uncertainty, global manufacturers are optimistic and see new ways to spur profitable growth. In his presentation, Joe Barkai explores the trends in manufacturing and supply chain strategies to capitalize on opportunities by taking advantage of advancements in processes, products and materials.

He explains how a global PLM platform is important to realize design anywhere / build anywhere capabilities with dynamic supply chains for mass customization with virtual global plant floor and processes innovations to capture and retain new markets. These represent critical factors for the future of the manufacturing economy and PLM advancements are crucial.

Download Slides >>> Joe Barkai Presents on The Future of Manufacturing

Solution Showcase

Our most popular session at ACE every year is the “All Software, No Slides” solution showcase.

People got 5 minutes to do Live Demos of the solutions, add-ons and enhancements that they’ve created. It’s a great way to get a quick overview of a whole series of solutions that global companies have developed on the Aras platform.

aras-plm-ace-2013-7.png-550x0 aras-plm-ace-2013-29.png-550x0

Some of this year’s solution showcase participants included:

Custom Problem Solving Report – Spartan Motors

Drawing & Document Single & Batch Search & Retrieval – Nidec Motor Corporation

Multi-CAD Translation & Data Handling for Aras – Elysium

PDF Special Agent for Creating Technical Data Packs (TDPs) – Razorleaf

Remanufacturing Pipeline Management – CNH Reman

There were also a number of demos of Mobile apps for PLM including the Surface Win8 Mobile App that Aras is working on with Microsoft and the iPad/Android interface for Aras by WhiteHawk Software.

We saw over 20 demos and that’s just a fraction of the over 150 applications available as both open source and commercial products on the Aras platform.

aras-plm-ace-2013-38.png-550x0Collaborate & Contribute Awards

Every year members of the corporate community get special recognition for their contributions based on Significance, Popularity and Impact. The winners of this year’s Collaborate & Contribute award are:

Diehl Gruppe Hydrometer GmbH – Material classification business rules

GE – Deep structure multi-level BOM customizability

We’d like to thank these people for making contributions which enhance the Aras solutions for everyone. And I’d also like to recognize the other nominees, as well as, the hundreds of people around the world that made contributions this past year. It’s something to be proud of, Thank You.

As participation continues to increase worldwide, a lot of people don’t realize that there are a number of ways to participate including:

  • Submitting ideas
  • Making requests 
  • Commenting in the Aras Forums
  • Contributing specifications
    • Form designs
    • Use cases
    • Workflows
    • Business rules
    • Data models
  • Collaborative development
    • Prototyping
    • Developing solutions & add-ons
    • Scripts / methods and code samples
    • Doing interfaces & integrations
    • Testing & verification
  • Creating documentation
  • Doing translations
  • Sharing Your Story

Breakout Sessions, Workshops and Other Sessions

This year there were 3 tracks in the afternoons so there were even more breakouts and workshops and on the last day we went over solution vision and roadmap which is always a highlight. Here are the session slides:

Download Slides >>> The Aras Vision & Roadmap

Download Slides >>> What’s New in Aras Innovator

Technical Track

Download Slides >>> Teamcenter to Aras (by AESSiS)

Download Slides >>> Customizing Change Management

Download Slides >>> Requirements Management Deep Dive

Download Slides >>> Business Intelligence & Reporting

Download Slides >>> Pervasive PLM

Download Slides >>> Deploying Enhancements to Production

Download Slides >>> Planning 9.X to 10 Upgrade

Download Slides >>> How To Deploy Globally

Business Track

Download Slides >>> Enabling Mobility in PLM

Download Slides >>> PLM on the Cloud

Solution Track

Download Slides >>> PLM for Electronics & High Tech (by Minerva)

Download Slides >>> Reimagining the PLM Experience (by GENTEX)

Download Slides >>> Medical Devices, PLM and the FDA (by Integware)

Download Slides >>> Achieving Greater Design Reuse (by SofTech)

Download Slides >>> BOM Custom Views (by Panso)

Basic Track

Download Slides >>> Change Management Options

Download Slides >>> Packaged Integration Connectors

Download Slides >>> Strategies for Implementing Aras PLM

There were a ton of presentations, and this year we had Round Table discussions where there were open conversations with the ability to ask questions and learn from companies like yours that run Aras and have first-hand experience. I’d like to thank GE, NSK, Motorola and all the others that participated and made the round table discussions a huge success.

Overall, everything came together really well at ACE again this year. The 30 minute breaks were a big hit again because they give you plenty of time to network. The receptions were also more energetic than ever this year. I probably should’ve gone to bed earlier than I did, was just having such a great time.

And there was more collaborative discussion and connections made between companies than the past two years combined. If you met someone and didn’t get their card or contact info, and really want to get in touch with them, feel free to send me an email. Don’t be shy about asking for some post conference connection assistance… I’m happy to make the connection.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and especially to all the sponsors including 3D PDF Consortium, CMPIC, Enterprise Integration Services (EIS),FISHER/UNITECH, Focus PLM, Integware, ITI TranscenData, Minerva, NorthRidge Software, Panso Solutions, Plural Technology, PROLIM Corporation, PSC, Razorleaf, SofTech, SteepGraph Systems, T-Systems, The vdR Group, Verenia and xPLM. Their participation is huge and helps us keep ACE a free event series.

We look forward to seeing you at some of the other conferences in this year’s global ACE series including Korea, Japan, China and throughout Europe.

And stay tuned for other local and regional ACE sessions. We’ll post them in the newsletter and on the website throughout the year as dates and locations are announced.

Also, if you’d like to host your own mini-ACE session at your company, get in touch and we can help.

Download Slides >>> ZIP of ALL ACE SLIDES (NOTE: it’s 48 Meg)

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