ALM-PLM Developments – Accelerating the Pace


ALM-PLM continues to be a hot topic, both on its own and in conjunction with Model Based Systems Engineering(MBSE).  I recently discussed our MBSE strategy at the 2015 CM Trends event in sunny San Diego.  Of course, a significant part of our ability to deliver a tightly integrated MBSE solution rests on our ability to bring the various disciplines of product development together.

To that end, our product management and development teams have been making steady progress on the PLM-ALM development front.  What started as ideas and whiteboard sketches has turned into code and interfaces.  We have created OSLC connections between Aras Innovator, our Enterprise PLM solution and IBM’s Rational AML solutions for requirements and software delivery.  The intent behind this effort is not just to elevate the level of ALM-PLM interoperabiliy for technology’s sake.  It is our constant focus on our customers and our desire to give them the ability to execute highly complex products that span multiple domains.  Together with Airbus and IBM we feel that we can deliver breakthrough methods of interdisciplinary systems development.


If you are interested in hearing more about ALM-PLM integration the Aras, Airbus and IBM team will be presenting at the ProSTEP iViP – OASIS OSLC Conference on October 20th in Möhringen, Germany.  We will demonstrate our reference architecture aimed at the aerospace user case.  In addition Dr. Martin Eigner will also be presenting his thoughts in leveraging OSLC as a bridge between ALM and PLM.  Aras and Dr. Eigner share a partnership and re also working together on this front.

As always, more to come!


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